What Domain Extensions Should You Buy?

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Launch, Starting A Business

Your website domain name is just as important as your phone number. Some argue it is more important since it has become the most common way people find you; however, there is more to domain names than your business name—you also have to consider the domain extension. Here we explain what types of extensions are available and how many you should buy.

Why Worry About the Domain Extension?

The extension of your domain name used to be unimportant. It was just the few letters following the dot. Most people still assume they’ll just go with the good old .com.

Today, the extension plays a key role in your domain. It is a little clue into what you do and where you are located. Unfortunately, extensions also provide the perfect opportunity for a competitor to register a domain name close to yours, allowing them to steal away business or send searchers away frustrated when they find the name is registered but unused. These are two reasons why investing in multiple extensions is always recommended.

What Type of Domain Extensions are Available?

Here are the five most five commonly used extensions and what types of businesses might use them:

  1. .com: This is the go-to extension for any business. Always select this option first when registering your domain as a business. People will automatically include .com when searching a business because it is the most familiar. You can avoid confusion and make it easier to find you.
  2. .net: This extension was originally available to service providers and networks, but has now second to .com. This option is good if you are a techie or web-based company because it is associated with technology in the consumer mind. A technology company with .net domain has some street cred and shows you are a communication company. It can be easier to obtain a .net domain. This extension is not recommended for companies outside of the tech/communication realm.
  3. .org: As the letters imply, this extension is used by non-profit organizations. Although available to anyone, it is less common for businesses, and it more often used for community-centric organizations. For example, it is a popular choice for political parties or online communities in hand with non-profits. It is not an extension worth purchasing for businesses.
  4. .co: This extension is the choice for global companies; however, because “co.” is an abbreviation for company, it is also used by business and professional insinuations, making it the choice for startups and entrepreneurs who want their domain name to stand out. For businesses, this is another good option to add to your domain purchases. It’s short and has a newer, more innovative feel that speaks to a younger demographics. A new, vital company might find it appeals to their audience more than the stuffier .com. It is also still relatively new as an option for businesses so you might have more luck securing a domain name using .co instead of .com. Keep in mind it can lead to errors since people will be inclined to stick to old habits and add the ‘m’.
  5. .us: With many Americans preferring to support local businesses, the .us extension is a strong choice. This extension was developed for use exclusively by American citizens and entities, so if you operate and originate in the U.S., this one is a good choice. While this extension can have negative connotations for disenchanted Americans who associate the extension with government entities, it is becoming more popular in American enterprises. If you do not include being American as part of your marketing strategy, you should probably avoid this one.

When you invest in the right combination of domain names and extensions, you’ll have better exposure and a complete domain that accurately and effectively represents your brand.


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