The Importance of Choosing a Domain Name

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Launch, Starting A Business

Today, websites are created for any business or organization. Without a website, you’re practically invisible in a world where almost every purchase starts with an online search. But your website is often only as effective as your domain name. Here we look at the importance of choosing a domain name suited to your business.

A Sense of Legitimacy

First, the right domain name helps establish your business. When people can find you online with an easy and relevant domain name, you become a distinct entity that people feel they can trust. You appear more professional and, in turn, stand out.

Keeps You Relevant

Believe it or not, many industries lag when it comes to embracing digital marketing. As a result, they lack an online presence. When you invest in domain registration, you remain relevant in a tech-obsessed world where people need everything now. An online presence is the best way to bring your brand to the masses.

Establishes Your Presence

Like your company name, your domain name helps establish your presence in the industry. It’s a form of stability that stays with you throughout your business operations, allowing people to consistently find you when they need you. It is one of the stabilizing bricks in your company foundation as you continue to build your brand.

Improves SEO

Search engine optimization is complicated; therefore, you need all the help you can get so people find you. With a well-chosen domain name, you improve your ranking. While a domain name alone won’t secure top ranking, it adds to the high-quality content search engines seek. It helps make you recognizable, not just to customers, but for Google and all its complicated algorithms.

Expands Reach

Even if you plan to remain local, your domain name expands your reach. The farther you wish to expand your customer base, the more important your domain name becomes. Domain registration helps establish your brand locally, nationally, and globally. You can also even incorporate specific locations into domain names to meet the needs of each region.

How to Choose a Domain Name

When choosing a domain name consider the following:

  • Try to match your business name to your domain name whenever possible to avoid customer confusion.
  • If your domain name is taken in the domain registration, use some creativity to rejig it so it is familiar, but doesn’t infringe on the current domain name’s rights
  • Consider reaching out to the current owner of the domain registration to see if you can claim it as your own.
  • Avoid using numbers and hyphens (unless numbers are included in your actual business name).
  • Keep your domain name short so people can enter it accurately and avoid error messages.
  • Pay attention to how the words of your domain come together when the URL is spelled out to avoid inadvertently creating a different message or spelling out something considered foul or offensive.
  • If you are starting a new business, consider how your business name can be more useful as a domain name by incorporating keywords relevant to your offering.

Choosing a strong domain name keeps your brand recognizable and helps the right audience and your customers find you.


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