Case Study: Using Social Proof in Your Business

Social proof means that an individual ​will seek to copy or emulate the “acceptable” behavior of another ​individual that is undergoing a similar situation.​ This phenomenon also occurs when individuals in a group setting seek to conform their behavior to ​everyone else around them. When it comes to marketing your business, social proof is used to make people feel comfortable in their purchasing decisions.​ Because social proof is so powerful, businesses all over the world strive to ​get reviews and testimonials from ​happy customers.​ Learn how to influence potential buyers with reviews and testimonies from others who have used your products and services.​

But what exactly is social proof?

Imagine that you’re browsing through Amazon, and you’re looking for a new coffee table. You look through the hundreds of coffee tables that are offered through Amazon and you find a style and size that fits your needs.

You sort through these coffee tables and eventually you land on two coffee tables that you absolutely love:

  • One of these tables has a rating of three out of five stars and 24 reviews.
  • The other table has a rating of four out of five stars with over 300 reviews.

Which would you choose? It’s a decision that almost doesn’t need any further deliberation. You know exactly which table you’re going to get.

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