The Critical Role of Content in Business Development

by | Dec 1, 2016 | SMB/Startup


Content Development is a process that can impact the growth and evolution of a business. It is crucial that businesses are aware of the content that will speak most to their audiences and develop that content accordingly. In order to truly grasp the importance of business content development, an enterprise must be aware of how the sales funnel process works, and how a potential customer goes from having now knowledge of a product to buying that product.


the customer finds out about your product from a source, whether this is online or in-person (word of mouth). Once a customer learns more about the product, they will more then likely want to know more from the creator of the product they are so intrigued by. Depending on how new a product is customers will search for reviews, articles or blog posts to read that are related to your product. They will also probably check around to your competitors to find out how you stack up against them.
The entire sales funnel process, from start to finish, takes no more than 10 to 20 minutes.


The ultimate goal in content development and marketing is to meet the needs of the customer and ultimately sell the product. An efficiently managed and developed content management system converts incoming traffic from a website into sales. This is why every business needs content writers on their team. These writers can incorporate creative writing topics as well as manage SEO content necessary for website writing.

Who are your customers?

The key to writing effective business content is to know your customers. Who they are, why do they want to buy your product, how do you play into their future goals, and what motivates them. Content writers must be told who they are writing for. They need to be told who the target customer is; their age, gender, income, employment status, education etc. The idea is to create a holistic view of the customer and use effective creative writing topics to get their attention.

How to pick the right topics?

Your business goals and objectives should decide how the content for your website is written. Any creative writing topics should be related in some way to your industry. The content should be informative, entertaining and attention grabbing. There should be a connection between the product being sold and your content development and marketing. Content writers should inform, educate and entertain with the content, come across as experts, rather than just as marketers or salesmen.

What is your SEO / Social Media strategy?

SEO content writing and social media content writing are today an integral part of any content management system. Your business content should have the right keywords so that it is easily visible to potential customers searching for it on Google or Bing. All content writers should know the basics of SEO and using SEO-optimized keywords in the social media content as well as business content. Effective social media content that goes viral on Facebook or Twitter, is a must for a business.

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