Money Conversations: Learning the Language of The Executive

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Featured Articles

“Big Money” is a common language spoken by C-level and VP-level Executives and it’s a language that many technology-driven companies, their executives, sales, and marketing teams don’t make a priority and competitors… are delighted by it.

The Sobering Truth

In my professional experience, very few technology-driven or solutions oriented proposals I’ve seen presented by technology-driven companies are given any serious consideration by C-level decision-makers and influencers who wield the power to say, “yay or nay.” Why? Most vendor reps don’t speak, write, nor present themselves as being fluent in the Language of the Executive – Money. The vast majority of senior executives in the Global 1000 I’ve had the privilege to work with or associate with could care less about a vendor’s slide deck, logos, product features, advantages, benefits, in a proposal unless… they’re directly tied to key performance indicators (KPIs) or unique personal/business metrics for success. Even if a mid-level sponsoring executive (Director) or manager LOVES a vendor’s solution, the financial justification for a major buying-decision often hits the desktop of the CFO BEFORE acceptance to determine if it’s in alignment with the company’s strategic financial objectives.

Positioning: Differentiating With Money Conversations

I’ve personally sold six, seven, and eight-figure software and life sciences solutions that were technically less robust than my competitors simply because their sales representatives chose to “talked tech or science” and lacked the confidence to BEGIN their client engagement speaking the Language of the Executive. I was strategic, they were tactical. The executive engagements and language I spoke were anchors to my sales forecast, while my competition probably had no clue as to why their robust technology solution wasn’t selected.

The best solutions don’t win. The best business value proposition does. We look forward to engaging with you. Begin Here!


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