Love What You Do? Put Your LLC or Corp On It!

by | Jul 2, 2018 | SMB/Startup, Starting A Business

The Pleasure Of Serving Entrepreneurs

I get high working with entrepreneurs who love their work and do it with foresight and passion. To me, these are the courageous blessed ones who by their attitude, personal energy, and attention to the nuances of their work have the power to transform common, ordinary encounters into experiences that we talk about for years; These are the ones who transform the atmosphere in which they work by simply being themselves. They put the world on notice that while rare, excellence can still be found.

The Gifted Entrepreneur

So why would one who is so gifted as these rent their talent, education, energy, creativity, innovativeness, youth, and intellectual passion in exchange for a 2-week pay stub while working for a boss who’d prefer they try a little harder at trying to “just fit in?” In my opinion many don’t know better while others enjoy the illusion of security. A few probably don’t know when and how to escape, and others may be amazingly talented people who have underestimated their capacity to become a good entrepreneur.

Trying To Catch Up

Passionate power thinkers, innovators, and get-sh*t-done people with entrepreneurial tendencies are profoundly aware of the failed social contract Corporate America authored in the industrial age. So, these future entrepreneurs are making moves right now that will empower them to write their own terms to do what they love, secure equity in it, and leverage it to scale for future opportunities. They could care less about the so-called “good old days.” Entrepreneurs are interested in making moves today that will create generational wealth and they’re biggest challenge is PATIENCE.

Where Does It Begin For Entrepreneurs

A change of thinking precedes any bold or great action. So I ask this question: “Before you try to become a great entrepreneur, are you a great employee?” Are you awesome where you are… right now? Do your ideas, attitude, work ethic, character, resiliency, team play, and performance inspire the people around you? What’s your employment exit strategy? If you were to share your business plan or intentions to launch your own company with a trusted few… would they want to be on your team and co-op your vision as their own because they believed in you? These questions (and more) are layered to drive personal introspection, self-awareness, and the process for preparation.

The Truth Of Your Condition

  1. YOU’RE ALREADY AN ENTREPRENEUR. Now wake up and be intentional to become a better one. If you’ve ever built, sold, or created something new; or designed something new to make old better, on the job and LOVED IT… maybe you’ve been an unpaid, unrecognized entrepreneur or intrapreneur and your reputation for excellence is your brand. Now take steps that will put you in an equity position: Put LLC or Corp behind what you love, create, and passionately share with the world. Connect with those who think as you do.
  2. DON’T RENT your life. Your employer rents your time, creativity, education, time away from family, in exchange for the promise that you’ll get a pay stub in 2 weeks. When people rent a car they don’t wash it, maintain it, nor did they drive it with care because they don’t care about it. It’s something to be used.
  3. UNDERSTAND YOUR POSITION. Most people don’t understand that while they may have job to do, they only hold a POSITION. If it was really the employee’s job (they owned it) the employee would compensate themselves enough to cover Sallie Mae, the kids private education, family vacations, the house in a great neighborhood, and more. But no… most people hold temporary POSITIONs within the company. The position pays $_ _ _ _ _ per year. When you no longer hold that position, an announcement will be posted for the position and someone else will get paid $ _ _ _ _ _ per year. Waking up to this reality is like being told that Santa Clause isn’t real. Now what? Add value as an intrapreneur for an employer, get your personal life and finance in order, learn what you can, scale up your network, and start looking for a team as part of your employment exit strategy.

A mind once stretched, never returns to its original dimensions. ~ Socrates




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