Case Study: Technology in Higher Education

K-12, Higher Education, Continuing Education, and Corporate Learning have different needs, which can all be solved with different technology, letting organizations expect and do so much more. E-rate qualifying technology can even help academia cover a large percentage of their needs! Immersive environments engage learners. IoT sensors confirming identity/validating participation, monitoring physical security, and overseeing activities (even letting you know if students are vaping in the bathroom). SMS has become the default for reminders, iPads for lesson delivery, and extending the learning environment beyond a 4 walled classroom. Wi-Fi / internet is a pre-requisite vital part of a new era of innovation and accessibility, even offering virtual environments and behind-the-scenes management / decision-making. Technology is introducing convenience, efficiency, economies, transparency, actionability, flexibility, and scalability. As the world continues to change, technology is how education will move ahead, and improve the way we learn.
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