Case Study: RingCentral MVP Video and Contact Center Enabled Novatech

Novatech, a global leader in the field of technology solutions and security operations, recognized the growing need for better communication and streamlined operations in order to stay ahead of the competition. With a diverse range of services that include IT, cloud, printing and document technology, its client support operations were becoming increasingly complicated. The company realized that in order to maintain a competitive edge, standardization and one communication environment were key.

Novatech’s management team identified numerous pain points within their client support operations that were impeding their growth. They were facing issues like lack of standardization in communication channels, which led to confusion and delays in providing support, lack of centralized reporting, and inability to track and monitor performance metrics of their team. Furthermore, some clients were experiencing communication barriers in getting support when they needed it due to inconsistent support and lack of transparency in customer support processes.

The company recognized that a reliable solution was necessary to improve their communication and support services. Novatech discovered that RingCentral’s MVP, Video, and Contact Center could help them achieve their goals of standardization, streamlined communication, and better client support operations.

With RingCentral’s MVP, Video, and Contact Center, Novatech was able to streamline its communication and support services and improve its customer support operations. This enabled the company to standardize its communication channels, reducing confusion and delays and improving overall responsiveness. The ability for Novatech to connect all its clients to the right support agents faster and with the necessary skills, allowed them to keep their clients satisfied and ultimately helped the company to scale its operations.

In conclusion, RingCentral’s MVP, Video, and Contact Center have given Novatech the ability to provide consistent and personalized support to its clients. The platform has enabled Novatech to standardize its operations, improve customer satisfaction and optimize operations. Companies that do not have such reliable and efficient MVP and contact center solutions face communication barriers, inconsistent support, and a lack of centralization which ultimately can have a negative impact on client relationships and overall business growth.

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