Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Launch, Networking, Starting A Business

As people are finding more and more ways to connect, it might seem printed business cards are outdated; however, business cards still play an important role in networking. In fact business cards come in handy because there are so many ways to connect. They provide a checklist of all the ways your team can be contacted, allowing new contacts to choose the method that works best for them. Here’s why business cards for your business are still relevant in a digital world.

It Tells People You Are Accessible

First, business cards tell new contacts you are reachable. As mentioned above, today’s business card provides all the different modes of contact—from texting to email, from social media to messaging apps. The information provided allows customers to choose the most convenient method for them and sets the tone for new relationships. If someone texts you, you know texting is preferred right now. The same is true for any other method they may use. When you hand out your card, you send an instantaneous message that you are always available—that people can quickly find and reach out to you—without fumbling to enter information into a cell phone. A business card is a handy way to share your contact info.


It’s More Personal

Handing a potential customer a business card is more personal than trying to exchange phone information. This act usually comes with a firm handshake, a smile, and eye contact, which is often lacking in many business transactions today; however, these seemingly insignificant nonverbal behaviors are the first step to forming strong and meaningful relationships. When you hand someone your card, they put a face to your name, which means people know who you are should you give them a call.

Helps with Branding

A well-designed business card helps build brand awareness. A clever design with a relevant slogan tells people more about you. It provides a professional image from the first meeting and creates a brand that becomes more recognizable. It helps tie the picture together when people visit your website, choose to follow you on social media, and/or see your ads online or while traveling.

An Affordable Marketing Tool

Instead of printing out costly, detailed brochures and sell sheets, your business card sends prospects to your most detailed marketing source–your website. When meeting in person, you can hand them your card and let them know where, on your website, to find specific information. If they seem uncertain, encourage them to visit the site to find out more about you; then follow up with an email or quick call to answer any additional questions. You may unexpectedly encounter a prospect by starting up a conversation at a restaurant while traveling or at a conference. Providing a business card allows them to contact you, follow you on social media, or visit your website. Therefore. business cards still play a crucial role in your marketing collateral.

Excellent for Referrals

Offer clients a stack of business cards to encourage referrals. Many businesses, such as real estate, depend on referrals for new clients. Along with a rave review, having a client hand out your business card is the highest praise.

Business cards help build trust by showing people how easily you can be reached. They show your social media pages are active and your website is up to date. A simple exchange of business cards is the ultimate in-person networking tool to establish new contacts. Even in a digital world, this old-school marketing tool continues to be relevant by helping you find leads and increase your customer base



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