10 Times to Think About Launching a Business

by | Oct 28, 2016 | SMB/Startup

There are a few times in life when the call for entrepreneurial freedom is louder than usual. Most of the time, this uneasiness and desire for RADICAL change manifests after an incident or life event, and it’s not an accident.


Here are a few things to think about…

1. When you’ve stopped learning and are nearly bored to tears at work. While finding another job might satisfy you temporarily, having total creative reign and freedom may be the ticket to optimizing your career and your life.
2. When you see your great idea or remedy to a problem being presented on the job by someone else and they capture the credit for it… and get promoted.
3. When you’ve got a great business idea, your credit is in good shape, you’ve set aside some cash in the bank, and your health is decent. It’ll take all 4 to maximize the velocity of a successful small business launch.
4. When you realize you’re a replaceable commodity and your paystub is just a rental receipt for the use of your life’s best ideas, innovativeness, and labor. How does it feel to rent your life for another to profit.

5. You’ve never really had a consecutive 2-week vacation to totally wind down and refresh your mind and body because you can’t take 2 consecutive weeks off from the job at one time. You’ve got the time, but you’re scared to use it.
6. When you see the person you love or respect cower or behave fearfully because of the demands of an overbearing, bully-boss. It may be time to initiate your “Plan B” to replace their income and take that person off the soul-killing job.
7. When your job doesn’t provide a 401k, pension, or retirement plan, your employer has made it clear… you’re on your own. If you don’t care for yourself now, how will you care for yourself later?
8. After you’ve survived a layoff. Are you next? Seeing the empty desks and spaces where your former co-workers used to be seen milling about 8 hours a day is sobering isn’t it? Some may find another job. Some won’t. What if were you?
9. When you want to work to live, and not live to work. Perhaps the 9-5 structure feels disagreeable to your spirit.
10. When you have a business idea for a product or service… that keeps crying out for your attention. Your nightmare? Years from now, seeing someone producing and profiting from an idea you once thought of, but didn’t have the courage to pursue. Heartbreak.


We’ve listed just ten reasons why you should launch a business but there are many more to be found! Develop your idea! Build your dreams! And let StealthEnomics help you every step of the way.


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