You’re Not Drowning, You’re Just Getting Wet. You’re An Entrepreneur

by | Sep 3, 2018 | SMB/Startup

Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Become comfortable being uncomfortable! Clear out your closet, because life as an entrepreneur requires wearing many hats. Performing tasks within your technical expertise, the reason you started this business, is comfortable like a broken in baseball cap to work in the yard. On the other hand, unfamiliar duties simulate donning a bowler or beret for the homecoming tailgate.

Working For Traditional Companies

Most of us worked at traditional companies with entire departments dedicated to the task you will be performing. Invoicing? Billing department handles that. Hiring? Where is my HR team? Taxes? Blank stare… As an entrepreneur, these are your responsibilities. We should spin the story though, congratulations on your expanding scope of knowledge! Embrace the challenge, recognize your limitations, and install the business systems to leverage your time.

The Rewarding Lifestyle of An Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship offers a rewarding lifestyle and opportunity to determine your own path. As Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, “With great power comes great responsibility”. As the leader of your growing company, you possess the power to determine the mission statement, policies and procedures, and culture of the organization. This freedom carries an equal responsibility to ensure both exciting mission critical and mundane routine items are accomplished. Missed customer deliverable milestone, insufficient funds to cover payroll, and crashed website overtake the carefully planned Monday morning task list. Employees demand action from others, entrepreneurs take action upon themselves.

Diving Into The Deep End

Fortunately, resources in this technological age abound. How else would you be reading this blog? Fellow entrepreneurs established their own companies offering many of the services you seek. Simultaneously, your expertise may aid their own struggles and fill gaps in their portfolio of skills. So, grab a lifejacket, take some swimming lessons, and venture into the deep end.


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