by | Oct 9, 2017 | SMB/Startup, Starting A Business

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Oh no… you were just getting comfortable! You’ve got an ok job, bills are being paid on time, you’re earning a decent salary with a 401k plan and benefits, PLUS your boss and your peers respect you for your competency, work ethic, and team play. So why do you find yourself routinely enveloped in night-time restlessness and struggling to focus after mid-afternoon daydreams? Is it because you’ve been thinking about the reality of your options and wondering… WHAT IF?

WHAT IF… you decided to stop renting your life from Monday thru Friday, 9 to 5 and ceased leasing your energy, creativity, education, knowledge, and self-discipline to build someone else’s company (where you have no equity or ownership) and launched your own? No, don’t quit your job (yet) but do you have an exit strategy? Hmmm….

WHAT IF… you would never have to call another man or woman “boss”; never have to introduce your spouse or kids to your boss, and never missed an important family event again because your boss needs you at work because… YOU are the only boss that matters in their lives now. Would it improve your family’s ties and their respect for you? How would that affect your self-esteem?

WHAT IF… that product or service idea you’ve had stored on the bookshelf of your mind only needs a little tweaking and a modest investment to become commercially viable? How would you feel if you saw “your idea” on the news show up as a 7-figure solution in the press with someone else taking credit for it because you sat on the idea too long?

WHAT IF… you came to realize that some of the most important people in your life… you don’t even know yet, but that they’re waiting to meet you, collaborate with you, pay you, and affirm your genius?

Please stop wondering and schedule a conversation to take your first best steps to a transformed life with the help of the StealthEnomics team.



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