Undeniable Entrepreneurial Spirit–CIO Demond Raybon

by | Oct 20, 2016 | SMB/Startup

An Early Start To Entrepreneurship

Growing up in Atlanta, GA Demond Raybon always felt a need to exercise his entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of 10 Demond and his brother established a candy shop that operated out of his mother’s home and sold candy to neighborhood kids. Demond found fulfillment in providing a much-needed service for the kids in the community as well as finding that a profit could be made while doing something enjoyable. This initiative sparked an interest in him to learn how to become a business owner. For him, there was no greater feeling than building something from the ground up and watching it grow and flourish. As he grew, he realized that his intelligence and drive were going to be the traits that would drive him to entrepreneurial success.

Upon graduation from high school Demond attended Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC. It is here that he began to hone his entrepreneurial and technical skills. He also began to develop the idea for what business he wanted to start upon graduation. When he graduated with his degree in Computer Science and Information Systems, he formed the company, PC Mechanics. He established PC Mechanics in order to provide computer support to both residential and consumer clients. Services offered included corporate website development, onsite IT support, and computer repairs. While working at PC Mechanics he met and befriended future StealthEnomics™ co-founder Vonnie Wright.

How StealthEnomics Formed

As Vonnie and Demond worked together at PC Mechanics, Vonnie went on to introduce Demond to Leroy Wilson, another entrepreneur. After this successful meeting, Leroy went on to introduce the group to Christopher Bell, StealthEnomics™ future COO. During the initial meeting of the four men, they realized that their diverse skill sets and expertise could be brought together to build a revolutionary business design, this design was eventually to be called StealthEnomics™. They wanted StealthEnomics™ to serve as a resource and a hub for small business launch services. Helping these companies establish themselves in a niche market would ensure that their business models and concepts were economically sound and “StealthEnomics™ approved.”

Today, Demond Raybon serves as the co-founder and CIO of StealthEnomics™. As CIO he will continuously strive to help small businesses sustain themselves, leverage their resources for a successful launch, and succeed in a niche market and become “StealthEnomics™ approved.”



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