Top Four Methods for Sharing Your Content

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Grow

Every content strategy needs a schedule to plan your content and track your posts. Once your schedule is set, you should turn your attention to the methods available to share your content. Here we share four great methods for content sharing.


Once you create your content, this app allows you to plop it into a shareable format, which you can blast out to your contact list or share on social media. It offers a variety of content-sharing templates, making it easy to find a background to suit your brand. The result is an engaging e-newsletter or social media post you can then share through your preferred channel—email, Facebook, or Twitter. This app allows you to make the most of your blog, getting more mileage through sharing, and avoiding the time and cost of cumbersome, reformatting software.



If you don’t create your own content or are looking for ways to expand your content’s appeal, XYDO curates content from reputable content creators and allows you to format them for email sharing. XYDO’s beauty is its access to over 100,000 sources. You can see what others are sharing and focus on what people are talking about now. XYDO also offers 10 to 12 personalized headlines that meet provided social benchmarks, so you get the news that suits your needs.

The Originals

These are the traditional email service providers (ESP) who have had time to get things right. If you choose ESPs, you’re going to have to add your content manually via a template from their vast library. You’re facing a learning curve as you have to get to know how to use their platform. You can also find ESPs that offer an RSS option designed to gather stories from your website. RSS options include the old standbys, such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor. Others include Vertical Response, Aweber and iContact.

These tools are beneficial because they provide a unique URL, allowing you to share your newsletter on social media. The RSS feed is also convenient; however, it can be challenging to get the RSS to pull appropriate content. Some might find the manual option tedious, but it is a good way to send out a professional quality email that won’t seem like SPAM.

Newer ESPs

Some of the newer, easier to use ESPs include MadMimi, MailerLite and BombBomb. BombBomb is a good choice if you want to send out video emails. These ESPs offer simple, no-hassle assembly. You don’t need to be an expert—your DIY won’t look thrown together.

These easy-to-use interfaces are almost fun to use and come with standard reporting, providing some metrics to track performance. Like their predecessors, the problem with these new ESPs involves merging content from other sources. Also, you might find the designs aren’t as exciting when compared to the heavy hitters in this category.

Choosing the best content-sharing platform depends on your preferences and budget. The aforementioned examples are some of the better options out there.
January 10, 2022


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