Procrastination And Distractions with Brea Washington

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Business News

A Passion for Life and Business

Brea Washington is a compassionate, sought after business consultant, entrepreneur, women’s life coach, and youth & young adult mentor, and minister.

The Drive to Thrive

From a young age, she began to thrive as a leader in her small hometown of Keyser, West Virginia. Here, she began to build communities and establish her presence as a thought leader. Upon leaving, Brea gained advanced degrees in business and has been integral in the success of major initiatives in numerous businesses and industries across the world. She spends her days actively creating and delivering strategies to 9-figure corporations and providing life strategies to individuals.

Shooting for the Stars

Brea’s ultimate goal is to teach others to live their best daily lives. With a passion for advocating and empowering the overlooked, she has dedicated her life to creating opportunities for others to develop the confidence, courage and tools to thrive – both personally and organizationally.



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