Making Your Job Your Business with Michelle Keaton-Barrow

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Business News

Transform Your Role and Enhance Your Value

As you advance your career or job have you considered practicing Intrapreneurship? Enhance your credibility, transform your role, optimize your value, build your internal brand, and make your employer your best customer today and potentially… tomorrow. This topic will be covered in intimate detail by Michelle Keaton-Barrow.

The Rich History of Michelle Keaton-barrow

Michelle Keaton-Barrow has a rich history and proven track record of successful negotiations with a stunningly deep and wide array of organizations including Union Carbide, State of North Carolina, Wake Technical College, among many others. In that time, Michelle honed her leadership expertise as a college professor, business owner and board member.

The Mover and Shaker

Today, Michelle is the “go-to” mover and shaker in the Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina real estate markets. She has developed a reputation, which is defined by a single word…”TRUST”. Michelle’s knowledge of current market trends, neighborhood statistics, and vital insurance information is second to none! Combining this knowledge with vast business community relationships positions Michelle as the real estate authority in the Raleigh and Charlotte communities.

Leadership in Action

Michelle Keaton-Barrow received the Career Mastered Leadership in Action Award on March 6th of this year. Michelle’s charitable and professional involvement made her a natural choice for the award and a great choice to lead this session. Michelle’s experience and expertise will bring a tremendous value to the MIY conference.



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