Life Interrupted, Then Entrepreneurship

by | Dec 20, 2016 | SMB/Startup


I was living in my dream home on the golf course in a cul-de-sac, in Columbia Maryland, enjoying the lifestyle of a fat 6-figure earner; taking luxury vacations, trusted with global sales responsibilities in a multi-national software company, and promoted for exemplary performance 6-weeks before my 50th birthday.


Two weeks after that promotion… I was diagnosed with cancer, took leave for surgery, recovery, and therapy. Two months after returning to work… I was fired via a long-distance telephone call as my new boss said: “The company has done enough for you.” A final 2-week paycheck and my termination notice arrived via FedEx one hour after my termination phone call and after opening the letter I whispered these 2 questions: “What the f**k just happened?” and


That was almost 8 years ago and what I remembered most was feeling helpless about circumstances I had no control over, and I how I errantly started believing that my temporary circumstance or condition was who I’d become as a person. Naturally, I threw myself a first class pity party until I understood that what I was going thru wasn’t my final destination… it was really the beginning of the journey to entrepreneurship. Leaning on my faith and business expertise, my life turned around and I’ve been able to help entrepreneurs re-launch existing business and launch new ones.


The path back to a winning posture was tough to achieve because the resource availability I enjoyed in Corporate America was almost absent as new entrepreneur… at least that’s what I thought. As a new entrepreneur, one of my biggest mistakes was my reluctance to seek out a mentor (I mean I’m supposed to be an “expert” right?) The truth is, there were times when I was tempted to hide in embarrassment after failing to meet my goals, but I chose to stay in the arena to compete and win again after having my butt kicked in the marketplace. What I can say, is this: many are glad I didn’t quit because as an advisor, now others don’t have to experience what I went thru to know what I know.


The Self-Improvement industry is an $11 billion dollar annual industry and there are thousands of coaches, books, and recordings about “Winning” on the market. But winning, THEN losing, and starting over to win MORE AFTER losing? There’s not much to find out there. Today, the team I serve as COO understands that Our lives can change in an instant and get messy thru no fault of our own. If your life has been imperfect and you want to feed your dreams, starve your fears, and avoid standing in the shadow of regret for not taking your ideas and launching your own business (before someone else decides your future) We get you. Let’s win… together. Make moves, not announcements.



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