Imagination and Knowledge Matter, But Business Execution Matters Most

by | Aug 13, 2018 | SMB/Startup


When you were a kid you had big dreams, the things you would do, the person you would become, your imagination ran wild. As you got older you would reminisce, thinking those were the good old days. You begin to realize that some things were just fantasy, but others were very attainable. You spent nights dreaming of an idea. You then began to realize that this isn’t a dream, it’s a vision which is so ingrained in your mind you can almost see it in front of you. You see, a dream is something you have when you’re asleep. Visions are often much clearer and less ambiguous in meaning. Your imagination helped you to develop your dream, and your drive has morphed it into your vision. Business Execution now becomes a question you must ask yourself.


There are many ways you can interpret your vision. What does your vision really mean? If you are an entrepreneur reading this, you may have experienced a moment where you had an ah-hah moment. The vision is so clear in your mind, yet you have no idea what to do about it. How can something so grand be accomplished by you? You set to the task of researching and learning all you can regarding what it will take to achieve your vision. You will read books, join organizations, find mentors, invest in training, all in the hopes of “Clarifying Your BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious, Goal)”. You will eventually become a subject matter expert (SME) and build up enough courage to tackle that BHAG. Now your business execution start to come into focus.


Wow, at this stage in your personal and professional development you are ready to act on your vision. Before you decide to make your moves, you need to put on your armor of thick skin because everyone will not see your vision. You will encounter people who doubt your vision and attempt to crush your dream. Most of these doubters are not doing this on purpose. It’s just that your vision is so grand they can’t see you achieving it. They don’t know what you have been working on. They don’t see the sacrifice you have made. Now, if you haven’t been putting in the work and feeding your mind, then you are not only lying to your friends and family, you are fooling yourself. When it comes time for business execution you need to have self-discipline and choose things that are in your own best interest.


At this stage you should be ready to get down to business. You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. As important, impactful, and instrumental your vision has been to your growth up to this point, it all will amount to nothing if you don’t execute. The knowledge you have gained either through your career or education may not necessarily apply when building your business. Theory is great, but applying the theory in business can be difficult. Your mind must shift from being an employee to an owner. An owner will know the difference between an investment versus a liability or expense. There are going to be moments when you will need to decide what resources will get you closer to business execution. You now must use practical application of the knowledge and skills you have developed over to years to flush out your product, service, and brand. You also need to determine your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile).

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