Christopher Bell, III COO/Co-Founder of StealthEnomics Official Member Of Forbes Coaches Council

by | Jan 20, 2023 | Featured Articles

Christopher Bell III is the Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of StealthEnomics™.

Mr. Bell’s contributions as a business launch designer & strategist, author of 24 performance & resiliency courses/workshops for entrepreneurs and executives, and global technology sales performance record, set him apart from his peers as a high-impact leader. His primary gifts? Uncommon resilience and the ease with which he dissipates complexity to share the benefits of clarity and simplicity.


$1bn of career software sales revenues and 5-year cost savings have been added to the bottom line of Mr. Bell’s individual contributor sales performances for former employers, Fortune 500 & Global 1000 customers, academic research institutions, and public sector agencies. In addition, Christopher played an integral role in the Infomax $80M IPO exit as the leading sales revenue producer by delivering a confidence-boosting genomic-bioinformatics software sales revenue performance only days before a Bear Stearns final review.


Mr. Bell was inspired by desperation after a sudden termination of employment from one of the world’s largest IT SaaS companies only weeks after returning to work while recovering from a life-threatening cancer diagnosis and surgery during the 2008 recession. He authored his first business plan while completing therapy and then created, launched, and scaled his global technology sales consulting firm, Chris Bell 3rd & Company, LLC for 10 years. The company was sold in 2017 and Chris remains cancer-free.


In 2018, Mr. Bell & StealthEnomics® awarded a $25,000 Entrepreneur’s Scholarship to a female CEO who created a mobile intelligence application that is reducing sexual violence against women. He is a former Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship (now the Maryland Innovation Center) currently serves a diverse private coaching clientele; and has personally advised dozens of executives through their new business launch, pivot, or recovery over the last 5 years.


Mr. Bell is the curriculum architect for a StealthEnomics business unit that was launched in September 2022 – Stealth Corp Training, featuring “Principles of Competitive Immunity” which was created to serve the nation’s top 20% enterprise SaaS sales professionals. Finally, Mr. Bell serves the company’s Data Governance Practice which is purposed to provide data frameworks and student enrollment technology services for institutions of higher learning.


Christopher received an executive training certificate from Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation and majored in Political Science as an undergraduate at Norfolk State University. As a military dependent to a former US Army Major, Christopher was raised and educated on various US military bases in France, Germany, and Asmara Eritrea (Africa) before permanently returning to the US in the 9th grade with his family.


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