Business Warrior! Meet COO–Christopher Bell III

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Entrepreneurial Journey, SMB/Startup

Christopher Bell III AKA The Janitor

Christopher Bell III is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Co-Founder of StealthEnomics™. He is a high-energy, Global 1000 customer engagement expert, small business coach, entrepreneur, speaker, and an investor. He enjoyed a successful career in Corporate America where he built business value and generated sales revenue for some of the world’s top software and life sciences companies. While working for these organizations garnered him a plethora of experience and expertise, he ultimately found his passion building and optimizing small businesses.

Professional Career

Chris’ professional career track includes a successful $80M IPO team experience as the leading sales revenue producer at InforMax – a bioinformatics genomic software company that was acquired by Invitrogen Life Technologies. He later launched his own technology sales consulting company, Chris Bell 3rd & Company, LLC. Here he was recognized as a winner in the 2010 Melinda Emerson $25,000 Entrepreneurs Challenge while serving executives in the US, Canada, the UK, and Turkey. Mr. Bell is a former Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship, serves a private clientele, and has personally assisted and coached 28 executives through their new business launch, pivot, or recovery over the last 5 years. Some of those executives are featured in Inc. and Money magazines. One was recently recognized as a Black Enterprise 100 Modern Man, and another produces a Top 20 iTunes podcast.


Why StealthEnomics?

Mr. Bell states: “StealthEnomics™ exists today because our co-founders are entrepreneurs who once struggled themselves and asked the question: “Why is there no systemic approach and no predictable outcomes associated with launching a traditional business?” After 3-years of research and trial & error, we remedied that issue with our StealthEnomics™ 8 First Best Steps™ System.


Why StealthEnomics?

Today, StealthEnomics™ is prominently positioned for profitability while transforming the way businesses get started in America. I’m truly humbled by the quality, character, and competency of our team.” Chris is a Certified Business Consultant (CBC) and a member of the Howard Technology Council. He received executive training from Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation, is the creator of “But I Hate Sales™ Training for Non-Sales Professionals” and majored in Political Science as an undergraduate at Norfolk State University.




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