Business Coaching For When Sh*t Happens

by | Mar 18, 2021 | SMB/Startup

How It All Came To Be

Two years ago Christopher Bell III authored a high-impact, one-on-one, confidential business coaching module comprised of three 30-minute sessions entitled: “When Sh*t Happens.”

Who Is This For?

Chris authored this business coaching module for working professionals and entrepreneurs who may be feeling the hurricane winds of chaos, the jolt of a sudden event, personal uncertainty, and the mounting stress of running a business or leading a team that isn’t producing as expected. Professionals who are struggling with caring for a sick or elderly family member, missed sales quota, watched their best manager or employee just quit, discovered payroll is short, trusted the wrong person, or grinding thru a grueling divorce… also find this coaching module helpful. Most recently Chris worked with a new VP of Sales who just lost their biggest and best client to a competitor. For these people, and others in similar personal and professional circumstances… all hell is breaking loose.

Coaching Outcomes

This business coaching module “When Sh*t Happens” is not a fix-it for your circumstances. It’s designed to empower you in the midst of those circumstances; to leverage the momentum of conditions such as they are to make transformational decisions; and to take positive, constructive control of WHO YOU BECOME in the midst of those circumstances.

This Advisor’s Qualifications

We have 24 business coaching modules authored by our COO Christopher Bell III. Chris is an entrepreneur, advisor and mentor. He is not a psychologist, social worker, doctor, banker, or attorney. To name just a few… he has confidentially mentored a former MMA champion. He’s mentored a US Army officer who’d recently lost a leg above the knee after stepping on a land mine in Afghanistan. This soldier went on to run the Army 10k on a prosthetic “cheetah leg” (he’s now back on full activity duty while working on his PhD).

As a matter of record, Chris once received a text message to help prevent an out-of-state suicide by a distraught, failing business owner. He collaborated to prevent the loss of life via SMS/text messaging so that first responders could understand the man’s intentions and discern the location “ping” of his mobile phone in order to safely enter his hotel room. For at least 6 years, he’s served a community of incarcerated men in maximum security correctional facilities mentoring and helping to prepare them for their release back into society; and as a former mentor and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship, technology sales expert, and startup advisor… he’s advised rookie technology entrepreneurs (data analytics, SaaS, etc…) Oh yeah, he’s also an 11-year cancer survivor (nothing like an old-fashioned life & death fight and surgery while fully employed in a hostile working environment).

Chris is a coach to coaches and one of several business advisors who assist our clientele with their business-building challenges and initiatives.



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