Team, Coaches, And Experts With Brian Alvo

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Business News

Team, Coaches, and Experts…do You Have Them?

You get to choose who to win with. We’ll cover how to choose wisely.

The Master Facilitator Brian Alvo

Brian Alvo has a rigorous belief in the power of service and delivering value for customers. The concept of service has been a cornerstone to Brian’s career path. He began his career with the United States Marine Corps as a civilian employee at headquarters, and held a variety of assignments on several Military Installations and Capitol Hill. He then followed that path to Nicaragua, where he helped to build and manage the foundation As Executive Director, Brian oversaw operations and raised scholarship money for students living in poverty. He helped award over 250 vocational scholarships during his tenure. This path lead Brian back to the U.S. where he completed his MBA and entered the private sector, leading roles in early-stage startups and large enterprises. With a wide array of professional and personal experience, Brian strive to find common ground with every interaction.

The Next Gen of Leaders

Brian realized early on in his professional journey that there is more than one way to find “success.” As a young professional, he navigated career moves and challenging work situations primarily with his internal compass and found that the transitions from contributor to manager to leader were often harder than they needed to be. It was through these experiences that Brian recognized a huge opportunity for organizations to support and invest in emerging leaders. These realizations were the seeds for what would become NextGen Center.

Team, Coaches, And Experts With Brian Alvo _ StealthEnomics™

A Broader Sense of Professional Development

Brian has over ten years of diverse professional experience spanning multiple industries, and he earned his MBA from Duke University. With a wide array of experiences domestically and abroad, he developed an innovative understanding of professional development and an ability to recognize and cultivate potential in others.

Throughout his journey Brian has always made it his mission to pay it forward, using his experience to help others achieve their goals. He founded NextGen Center with a similar mindset – to help individuals and teams develop and get clear on who they are, provide a resource for organizations to manage transformation, and to ultimately improve performance and experiences.



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